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Resources for Change Leaders

Your first real project or charting the strategy for 2024 and beyond, we all need a boost and a path. 

Plan your development journey, have a quick read, or reach out for a conversation, this is where you start.

Green House

One-stop-shop for trusted fresh and evergreen links change leaders need to stay up on the foundations and building blocks of change delivery.  Project, product, agile, change,  start here (and earn PDUs)!

Coffee Table

A quick connect, a coaching lifeline, or digging in on your personal development strategy, let's get you the support you give to others every day.

Business People at a Lobby


Events with A Matter of Taste!

Curated professional development with a culinary twist 

Celebrations, team building, training programs, book with A Matter of Taste for Maypop content with culinary flair.

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