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Fall 2022 Curated PM Links

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

I admit it, I get overwhelmed.

Sometimes I just need a minimalist approach to what I need to know and when.

I’m also a fan of using source material wherever possible, and hopefully from a source whose motivations I don’t need to dissect before using!

With that in mind, here’s my Fall 2022 curated PM links list that I believe will inspire you to see how it’s being done, and WHY it’s being done, with focus.


Step 1 - Resources to Camera Check

Starting with our own governing principles, how about re-anchoring with ethics and observable behaviors. Leadership is about guiding the actions of others and intentionally influencing, so starting with a true north is always good.

My references this quarter are for the Project Management Institute, and for the International Council on Systems Engineering. SE and PM have a lot of touchpoints in common, supporting governed processes for designing and implementing solutions for others.

Step 2 - Go for Source Code

Now, let’s go to the folks who are guiding our disciplines.

Laying the foundation, some of these are classic “join-pay dues, certify-maintain it” organizations that help us qualify in our field. Some are the result of collaborations meeting today’s needs, like the Online Learning Consortium.

Why are these the ones on my list this quarter? I have found them to be particularly useful and may also have a certification or two!

Each organization’s site has jumping off points to events, references, networks, and other information. Most change leaders I know are members or more with at least several of these groups or related versions, just as part of being a learning leader.

  • PMI Project Management Institute - there is a massive amount of information on this site for good solid PM foundations

  • PDMA Product Development Management Association - the management of innovation as a capability toward commercial outcomes…this is it, folks.

  • PROSCI ADKAR model and Change Management Practitioner certification, scaling individual change journeys to strategic value delivery

  • SAFe Scaled Agile Framework, still one of the better models to use to discuss Agile for non-digital environments, showing Agile as system

  • Agile Alliance Agile delivery from all angles, including an awesome Agile Subway map showing application of Agile techniques in delivery flows

  • Online Learning Consortium Education design and delivery, a new one for me from a program I just finished, but addressing the need to adapt how we provide information for better learning and usefulness. Every PM is also an instructional designer, so these are great skills.

  • International Living Future Institute Sustainable development, built environments, just communities, because change needs a destination, and for this quarter, I’m sharing ILFI and their amazing case study/project maps that sharing how we are shifting our use of the built environment, with vision and with data!

Step 3 - Seeing it in action

From here, I want to see some full blown PM in action solving today’s problems! And by the way, can I see templates in action too?

Not versions from software companies, or from my desktop apps, but tools for communicating and getting things done?

Here are my current favorites for Fall 2022.

They’re high skill but also publicly visible, so these capture my favorite attributes for a solid PM digital home, well-organized, action-oriented, and clearly presented for intended audiences! Enjoy! This one is like finding a hidden city, complete with running water. Not the most modern-feeling, but welcoming and informative. The Center for Disease control has this full site that represents a project and program ecosystem we can all relate to, complete with lifecycles, decision criteria, and templates: This project workbench for Ohio State University’s center for Clinical and Translation Science provides full methods that link project management and scientific inquiry methods to show PM for research in a powerful toolset. This combination site is a how-to and have-done for the Washington State Department of Transportation. Full-blown methods, training, and tools for how to start and run engineering and delivery of projects are all here, as well as reporting on projects in flight. I have to admit some fangirl moments when I look at the latest Gray Book status updates and see how infographics are serving up context!

How to use this list:

  • First off, if you love something, save it to your own lists or bookmarks! Each PM has your own library/imaginarium/reference cave, and it can always use some new stuff!

  • Also, how’s your learning journal going?

What? Don’t have one?

You might not be formal about it, but how do you capture your learning?

Consider starting a document or grabbing a notebook, and capturing three things you learned and what you’re going to do with them. Throw a date on the top and you have your first entry! There are SO many ways to do it, but just pick one and start.

  • Or take this opportunity to upgrade a tool, technique or tactic you use now to lead change.

Did you see how the Gray Book’s summary stats page gave some super solid context to the next page that listed out projects with indicator metrics and some basic trending?

What improvement can you identify and what benefit could it provide to your team?

  • Did you spot the guide for what a PM does embedded in the PMP exam prep page as a download for the exam content outline? Can you use that to push some job description boundaries? Clarify expectations?

And finally, remember that this is education too, and you might be earning PDUs right now. Check and see!

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