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Maypop? What is this content?

These are tactics, applications of concepts, and examples of how to get things done in a wide range of situations. I'm sharing with you what I learned about designing projects, delivering change, managing dynamic environments and coaching change leaders of different types along the way.

Whether as a consultant or as a project manager in house, contract project manager, I've served in a lot of different roles where I've been responsible for different aspects of getting these things done.

I'm sharing that with you in this combination of project, program, portfolio and delivery management and change leadership, with a unique overlay of consulting and professional services. This mindset that helps determine not just how to design a solution, the right solution for the right time, but also the depth of involvement to have and how to manage an arm's length relationship to your advantage at times.

We're assuming here that you already have the background or the ability to quickly research available information on a variety of methods, anything that's publicly understood. Agile, "traditional" project management, classic change management theory, these are things you can look up.

You probably already have certifications or training in one or several methods along the way, to get to a point in your career where you're curious about taking it to that next level of applying it more dynamically. (And this content is applicable to professional development targets to maintain several types of certifications.)

Here we talk about change leadership, leading people through change. We talk about technical delivery, how do we manage quality and risk and make sure that schedules are adhered to, and that budgets make sense.

You can find for yourself what topics are hitting for you and how you're applying the different things we come up with, and that's going to help you determine how this content fits in your professional development and your growing and your professional learning.

And let’s be clear about what Maypop content is not. This is not intended to replace that basic learning of techniques, or a wide range of skills needed to be in the domains or even in the disciplines of delivery.

We are assuming you've done some of the base work because this is now using that toolbox. And getting creative with it.

In artistic terms, we're not going to go through the primary or even secondary colors. This is about tertiary blending and composition, and we're taking it to that next level of "I know my tools, but how can I get super creative with how to use them?"

So that's what we're here for. And hopefully this gives you a sense of “what IS this stuff?” and how to put it into use for yourself.


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