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Show your work: Regenerative Project Management

Operational finance, project management and consulting have been the backbone of my career, strengthened with teaching. Change management is the discipline of sticking the landing, essential for consultants, teachers and PMs. My professional Venn diagram I called “change leadership” tightened.

Add a passion for sustainability, a decade of the language of renewability, and a thought-provoking talk at Sustainable Brands 22 on the specifics of a regenerative economy, and it started to click harder on where we needed to go, together.

Change leadership principles tell us that a hard flip to a new global economic model is not going to happen by choice. Operational management tells us that a portfolio approach to doing many things at once gets it done, not fighting over the ONE thing that’s going to achieve our overall strategy. Our global situation requires every initiative to think harder about footprint and handprint. Project management gets things done.

Therefore: We derived regenerative project management as an expansion of the discipline focused on working with what we have, project management, in order to expand the value of each incremental change we deliver with purpose by adding to the PM toolkit from each of these disciplines, in no particular order:

  • Change leadership to map and acknowledge change impacts at the personal to global levels, anchoring our work in human experience

  • Innovation management to maintain managed forward momentum into unknown territory

  • Sustainability and regenerative economy thinking, to anchor on bigger goal sets we are all responding to, whether due to choice, strategy, customer pressure or regulation.

  • System analysis and engineering to fully understand systems we touch and the solutions we design

  • Leadership concepts for the foundation in respectful human relationships and growth of talent

  • Consulting methods to give structure and arm’s-length process credibility to facilitation techniques and tools

  • Academic methods in pedagogy and instructional design to incorporate leading knowledge sharing methods and tactics for learning experience design

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