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Change Readiness and Resilience Review

Ready for change and resilient to its impacts - the ideal state.  How close are you?  How do you know? 

Let's clarify together as a team what tells us we're ready for new and how we protect what's important.  Build skills as a team while planning for change, and define the measures to take to stick the landing and be ready to jump again.  From a new leader to a new economy, how are you adjusting your leadership to bring the team along?

Change Readiness

When you hear "change management" and it's about what we know is coming, we mean readiness. So let's call it that!  

What does being ready look like?  What criteria will we use, and how will we check?  How close to that are we?  What's left to be done? 

Click the lens on the organization, each team, and each person, and we have the journey we're on, and what we need to reap the benefits of a new normal.

Green Buildings
Packing Food in Boxes

Change Resilience

When we hear "change control", that's tight focus on resilience in the face of planned and unplanned change.  What systems and ownership do we have in place to confirm receptive are we?  How responsive?

And what's going on around us?  How ready for the unplanned do we need to be?  How close to that are we?  What needs to be done? Again, clicking in on organization, teams and individuals, do we have what we need? 

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