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Tailored Team Training

What if your team skills training was about you? What if every activity actually got work done and connected to strategy while building skills and relationships? 

Let's tie your topics to your tactics and learn by doing!

Learning together sets the stage for performing together.  A critical part of "norming", practicing skills that lead to excellence as a group makes more goals feasible and makes room for more innovation.

What do you want to learn by doing together?  Incorporate a training component to an existing agenda, create a training retreat, or establish an ongoing cadence of learning, doing, and reflecting.  

Get inspired by topics here, and click below on our info survey or book a quick chat!

Effective Communication

Whether giving and receiving feedback or connecting with customers, learning to communicate effectively while respecting preferences and context is situational and specific.  How do you want that conversation to go?

Let's incorporate your messages and mission into the conversation about effective practices and processes for sharing information and intent to help your team and other stakeholders to be ready to decide or act.

Change Leadership

Change readiness for what you know is coming, and change resilience for the unplanned.  This is not a cookie cutter discussion, and requires specialized expertise to lead that learning about where you are now and what you need to change and why.    

Maypop Grove has that expertise to integrate learning about individual and group change with defining and designing the journey you know you need to navigate.  Experiences and expectations, getting ready and staying ready...that's the work we do together.

Goal and Target Setting

Meeting the mission, does your team have the skill set to lead and deliver?  Recognizing stakeholders, anchoring on promises, and deriving goals, objectives and the measures that get you there is a combination of competencies and skills that learning while doing serves best!  

From strategic planning processes to a personal hierarchy of metrics, how do you build your goal achievement talents?

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Logic and reasoning, fact-based decisions, supporting arguments with evidence are called critical thinking for more reasons than one! 

What innovative and effective solutions could your team implement if they shared the language of integrated design, systems and critical thinking?  Let's find out by giving them those tools!

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