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About PDUs

Recording your Journey

We grow on our own but sometimes need to prove it to others. Maypop Grove content is not tied to any one method or organization, but continuing your development with the help of our resources can translate to CEUs and PDUs for common certifications in our fields.

Stay tuned for the new Maypop Curriculum, back to school September 2023!

Cherry Tree

Maypop Courses are built around a common architecture:

  • A 20-30 minute video discussing the topic

  • A topic worksheet that captures useful concepts for team application

  • A check for understanding to reinforce key concepts and guidance for incorporating them into your own change practice

Completing the steps in each course increment equals one hour of instruction. Once completed you will receive a Certificate of Completion email that can be used to document your effort. 

While not all change leadership certifications require renewal through continuing education, some do and a fundamental part of career maintenance is to keep your credentials up to date. 

Here are a few links to information on development requirements from common renewing certifications:

PDMA NPDP Certification Maintenance

PMI Maintaining Certification Requirements

PMI Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Handbook

ILFI Living Future Accreditation (LFA) Education FAQ

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