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Hey there, I'm Jennifer Diamond


Managing Consultant - Change Leader - Instructional Designer

Editor in Chief

Stats: (as of 01/2024)

37 years leading and delivering change across 59 multi-national organizations and firms, deploying skills verified by 6 current professional certifications (including chocolate tasting), shared further through 16 years creating and delivering graduate/post graduate education, having personally interacted with and taught over 2700+ professional adult learners. 

We all come from different backgrounds of lived experience and training, about which we should be transparent and curious.  Our experience informs what we know and what we believe, our strengths and our biases.   Experience and education also informs the systems we have been exposed to,  the ways we put ideas together, and what we value. 

I have led team performance improvements driven by solid organizational design and technology for over 35 years, balancing professional services with in-house roles of leadership accountability, adding to my skill sets, credentials, and communities of colleagues along the way.   

My career began in the heart of Silicon Valley as a financial analyst for semiconductor fabrication equipment manufacturing, diving headlong into global R&D and technology innovation and simultaneously starting my love affair with the intersection of possible and feasible.   At nearly 60 organizations ranging wildly in size, industry and global presence, I've gotten deep into strategic alignment, operational effectiveness, innovation,  compliance, and dedication to customers, collecting decades-worth of the best stories to make leading change with purpose real.

In living my own rule of "learn one, do one, teach one (repeat)", I have maintained and certified my own learning on a cross-section of change disciplines, to continuously incorporate new emphases into my change practice. 

I have also been a committed educator and mentor alongside my career of delivering change.  Lecturing at universities and organizations in Washington and California since 2000,  I have also designed, developed, advised and taught graduate-level project management, change leadership and sustainability education with several universities around the world for the past 15 years.

To keep grounded in what matters, I also co-founded A Matter of Taste, a culinary exploration company focused on teams tasting their way to new connections.   Learning how we experience our world helps connect to our strengths and collaborate with respect.

My big findings that inform my guidance of Maypop Grove?

The learning cycle ends with teaching, not doing.  And then in teaching, I learn more, and hold myself accountable to share what I learn, to learn in order to share, and to make what I know useful.  Thinking this way, whether in role as an executive coach, educator, organizational leader, consultant or writer, reminds me to always aim outward.

 We are better at what we do when we know the job ends by lifting someone else.

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