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Curated Sources for Change Leaders

Trusted sources are hard to find.   Some evergreen and some fresh, these links are foundations and points of view we're finding useful in 2024.

Updated/Tested 5/21/24

Step 1 - Resources to Camera Check

Start with the big "why" to check your leadership true north:

The Inner Development Goals framework is required reading for change leaders. Related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, framing up readiness to collaborate starts here. You might even catch yourself watching the video with your morning coffee a few times a month.

Behavior standards also level set collaboration expectations, giving shared values a foundation to build upon.


Step 2 - Go for Source Code

Check the foundations for your technique "how":

Nearly an evergreen list, here are some of the "tentpole" source and certifying bodies that guide our disciplines. Whether you've joined and are on the path to certified or are looking to speed-immerse, you can start here to cover the bases.  

Each organization’s site may have jumping off points to events, references, networks, and other information. Most change leaders are members or more with at least several of these groups or related versions, just as part of being a learning leader.

  • PMI Project Management Institute - there is a massive amount of information on this site for good solid PM foundations

  • PDMA Product Development Management Association - the management of innovation as a capability toward commercial outcomes…this is it, folks.

  • PROSCI ADKAR model and Change Management Practitioner certification, scaling individual change journeys to strategic value delivery

  • SAFe Scaled Agile Framework, still one of the better models to use to discuss Agile for non-digital environments, showing Agile as system

  • Agile Alliance Agile delivery from all angles, including an awesome Agile Subway map showing application of Agile techniques in delivery flows

  • Reflection Toolkit from University of Edinburgh that contains many tools for lessons learned or retrospective activities to do with all kinds of teams.

  • Guide to Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge Systems engineering, and related disciplines, in a nutshell stewarded in part by INCOSE and IEEE. Not sure it's relevant? Check out Part 6 on related disciplines, including references to the 7th edition PMBoK!

Step 3 - Seeing it in action

See "what" can be done with examples of organizations or initiatives putting change leadership to work:

Global Reporting Initiative: Metrics? We have your metrics right here. Need help defining success requirements? Check here for industry models of metrics to build your target-setting vocabulary for goals and objectives across teams, operations and functions. Click out and learn more about a global portfolio of initiatives to define a common language of shared success.


Put it together: Find the "Business reporting on the SDGs: Integrating the SDGs into Corporate Reporting: A Practical Guide" (Oct 1 2019) for a no-nonsense implementation framework. (Resource Center, search Category: Reporting Resources, Document Type: Report),


Washington State Department of CIO: As with other state sites, the OCIO site provides how to as well as have done updates on a wide range of IT projects delivering services and administering operations. Start at the top with enterprise IT strategy and click through to check out methodologies and templates as well as outcomes!

Moving down the west coast a bit, how about California's Department of Technology?  Navigate and shop ideas for what they're doing and how they're tracking, communicating, and leading the way of progress.

How do you present a collection of ideas in an accessible and inspirational way?  Well, who better to ask than IDEO? See how they offer insight to Financial Inclusion as a topic in their treasure trove of resources.

How to use this list:

  • First off, if you love something, save it to your own lists or bookmarks! Each PM has their own library-imaginarium-reference cave, and it can always use some new stuff!

  • Also, how’s your learning journal going?

What? Don’t have one?  You might not be formal about it, but how do you capture your learning?

Consider starting a document or grabbing a notebook, and capturing three things you learned and what you’re going to do with them. Throw a date on the top and you have your first entry! There are SO many ways to do it, but just pick one and start.  

If you're digging deeper, consider using the Check Apply Lead tool to drain every leadership drop of value!

  • Or take this opportunity to upgrade a tool, technique or tactic you use now to lead change.


And finally, remember that this is education too, and you might be earning PDUs right now.

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