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Making a difference in 2024

What if our change leader community came together, mentored each other, and got good work done for great organizations?

Let's find out! 

Change leaders with time, talent and training, click below to tell us about yourself and what you'd like to contribute.  Learn while doing?  Mentor your strengths? Let us know!

Organization leaders, click below to tell us about what help you need that would take your team to the next level.   From turning on the tech to team training to helping define new ways to serve our community, how could a fresh perspective and some bandwidth change the game?


Change Leaders

A few hours a month,  a short term gig, or a one time event, what if you could put your training, time and talent to good use while adding to your resume and giving back?

What if you could do it with trusted colleagues also bringing their A games to do it right? 

Share your interest as we get ready to have an impact in 2024!

Business People Having Fun

Organization Leaders

Non-profit, community-oriented, focused on community, we might be a fit! 

What if you could get the benefits of professional services and grow in-house talent while building relationships with committed professionals?

Share a bit about your organization and your needs and we will be in touch!

We're gathering your input toward a 2024 portfolio of good work with good folks for good impacts. Stay tuned!

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