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Leadership Coaching

Three Teacups

Quick Chat

Let's chat on where you're at and how I can help! Whether it's your own path or options for your team, or a problem to take a look at, let's connect!


Complementary - 30 minutes

Change Leader Coaching

An hour, dedicated to you, to talk through what's on your mind or in your way.  Align on a goal, break down a situation, up your game, get feedback on an approach, whatever you need to put your change leadership and advocacy game back on top.  Some tools, some clarity, action steps, and a way forward.  Let's do it.


$125 - 60 minutes

PM Resume Work Session

Ready to commit?  A 90 minute session to get your resume/profile and your actual goals into alignment!  Not just an editing session, a re-anchoring on what you want to do as a PM and how ready you are to do it.   Come prepared to do some tool-based hard thinking and clear communicating!

$250 - 90 minutes

Not ready to meet but want to know more?

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