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Providing resources, tools, and inspiration for purpose-driven change

Navigating your how and why is specific to you, your environment, and your culture. Whether you're serving a large organization, a small mighty team, or leading change as CEO of your own life, you are making changes for the better.

We can help refine your vision with self-paced learning, coaching, and mentoring.

Maypop Grove

Remote Working

Self-Paced Learning

From curated programs, individual courses, to readings and podcasts that enhance a PM's toolkit you can manage your own training path.

Maypop Grove's curriculum offers access to Quick Reads, training videos, course handouts, and podcasts so you can learn at your own pace.

What can you do today to make lasting improvements for tomorrow?


Coaching and Mentoring

Charting your own path forward in ways that work for you, not against you, is a team effort. 


A sounding board, a cheerleader, a neutral voice, a reflective mirror, or someone to help you see the way from a different view, knowing they are there for you as long as you need.

What would accelerate your work, improve your efforts?  It's time to work smarter.

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