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Fresh links, get your fresh curated change leader links here!

Doing a 2024 digital detox and purging channels and feeds?  Good idea!  But you still need inspiration.  

Fresh content, longer forms, consider these for your renewing viewing.

(Get more from this type of content by using the Check Apply Lead model to confirm what you learn.) 

(17:21 at normal) Stakeholders and opportunities, a great example of finding alternatives to the way we’ve always done things derived from better collaboration anchored in shared goals of reducing waste materials from construction and respecting the built environment.  (warning - one candid f-bomb)

NTS is one of my go-to channels for calming beautiful things to look at (even if I don’t always agree with some design decisions).

(31:42 at normal) This is a master class in how and why we create and what perspective creating in different ways can provide.  This discussion with three amazing creators will inspire you to think about how you express yourself, and also hopefully how you create those opportunities for those you lead and support. Don't be surprised if after watching this you want to go out and have a lovely walk to process it a bit more.

(36:04 at normal) For storytellers young and old, if you haven’t heard Mathew speak before, this marketing keynote version (from 2017, so yes, the before times, but…) is engaging but also very direct on application (yay!).  Watch from the beginning for his story or jump in at about 12 minutes for the discussion of memorable, impactful and personal storytelling to connect and message. 

Don’t forget knowledge and method foundations in our Curated Resources, the evergreen (but periodically and recently refreshed) resources change leaders need.  Give yourself the gift of feeling grounded in your knowledge and access to your communities of shared knowledge. 

And this winter, our advice is to also give yourself grace and space to find inspiration where you need it, and to take the time to process what you are experiencing for your growth and ability to contribute to others.

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