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Pioneer Square pop-up update!

Updated: Feb 14

To catch you all up on an exciting 2024 kick-off, I’m doing an ephemeral brick-and-mortar experiment until May.  I’m actually living the dream, in a panic-inducing way, in the heart of Pioneer Square.

Many of you know that I’ve spent the past few years trying to synthesize the past few decades of experience into useful content I can share and then, frankly, move on into new directions having not hoarded what I’ve gathered so far.  Fits and starts, pandemic depressions, time- and mind-consuming opportunities, and work-for-hire moments, it’s been everything every writer has ever said about writing, truly, and Maypop Grove is evolving because of it.

At the same time, my love of the culinary arts, aromas and flavors, and my interests in the future of sustainable food has been growing, stealing time from teaching and writing/wrestling with my consulting IP.  This year the opportunity to integrate these threads, dignified delivery and sensory experiences, in a deeply authentic way, trying something truly new, on a human and local scale, is happening right now. 

Joanna Lepore Dwyer and I have been working on this A Matter of Taste concept for several years, bringing the science and sensation of taste to improving collaboration and connection. Her perseverance more than anything has connected us to Seattle Restored, a coalition fostering the mission to restore Seattle’s core and elevate small businesses.  They chose us to occupy our location at the base of Smith Tower as a pop-up venue through May (at this point).  

We are making every type of connection we ever wanted to make: non-profits, corporate teams, local artisans/makers, individual leaders, musicians, poets, tango dancers….if your north star is sustainability, being able to do what we need to for a long time with joy and being proud of it, we want to talk to you. 

The tasting room has been our spark for testing our unique approach to hosting and working with those who are leading the change we need.  Our primary focus is professional development anchored in food science and exploration, so I get to integrate radically useful leadership learning with deep investigation into flavor and food experiences from the comfort of a beautiful historic (and LEED platinum) space in the heart of the city. 

And, because we have the space, we can host all kinds of amazing connecting events that meet the mission.  Mind blown yet?  Mine has been!  

So…I look forward to seeing you all!  Come to the tasting room for coaching, for tasting, or for team events and we look forward to sharing the experience with you!  And I’m still writing….:)

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